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1. Nutrition and fitness

Training alone isn’t a way to guarantee success in Ironman. The ability to understand your nutrition needs is the most crucial aspect of Ironman racing . The biking section will be “the main course”.

2. Nutrition Mistakes

Triathletes are aware of their maximum bicycle heart rate, the power out the bike, average speed and time for their predicted times but don’t know how many calories they need per hour during training on the IM bike. Be aware of the calories that an energy bar or gel will provide. It’s not difficult to be 150 calories short per hour, which is a whooping 900 shortfall at the end of a 6:00 bike! (900 calories can sustain you to run nine miles). Visit:-

3. Fluid requirements

The amount of liquid you could effectively use during a race will depend on your weight. You should learn to drink fluids for your body size. You need 10ml per 1 kilogram of body weight e.g. for an athlete who weighs 70kg, the maximum amount that can be absorb is 700ml fluid an hour. If you need to drink 70ml of fluid in 60 minutes, how will you ensure that you consume 700ml within an hour and get an continuous supply?

If you consume 20ml (one squirt) at a time , that is 35 gulps. If you drink each 10 minutes you will need 6 gulps every time, if however you drink every 15 minutes, you’ll need to drink 9 gulps to use up 700ml in 60 minutes. The most effective method is to determine the number of sips it takes to empty a 750ml bottle.

4. Calorie range

You need to work out the amount of calories needed in a minimum and maximum basis. If you consume less than the minimum (35%) of the amount you require, you’ll quickly run out of energy. When you drink more than your maximum (60 percent) you’ll experience extreme constipation that may lead to sickness or a digestive shut-down, meaning it will be impossible to eat food for at least an hour.

5. Training in relation to nutrition for races

After you’ve calculated the amount of calories that you can effectively absorb for each hour of training make sure you adjust this to race. If you consume 400 calories from the food and fluids you consume during your training you could cover an extra 10% further during your race. This means that you need to consume at most 440 calories. It is important to try and tested during race pace training because it’s an unavoidable mistake. The more slowly you progress during training, the simpler it is consume 500-plus calories every hour of cycling.

6. Attention to detail

If you only use one scoop full of carbohydrates in a 500ml bottle then DO NOT use two scoops in one 750ml bottle. Since the bottle is not twice the volume . You should use just one and two scoops. If you take a handful of bars and do not have a usage schedule and you don’t know how to use them, you’ll never be able to. Mood changes from 7 to 7. Negative thoughts indicate it’s the time to eat more calories. The state of mind is the most accurate indicator of low energy levels.

Minute-by-minute Ironman bike menu

8. Bike Menu for Ironman Race Day

Zero-5 minutes: Nothing unless you need to drink to remove the salty taste of a sea swim.5-15 minutes: water only.15up to 60 minutes: Carbohydrate drinks and gels. In the first hour up to 60 minutes: Solids , bars with electrolyte drinks. The last 60 to 15 minutes before finish: Carbohydrate or electrolyte drinks & gels. In the last 15 minutes, nothing. Gels as well as energy bar

9. Gels are recommended prior to climbs, or heading winds; gels at the top, or after climbs after recovery. Every 15 minutes you should eat small portions of food. Get bananas at feeding stations. Eat one and a half portions every hour for potassium to prevent cramps.

10. What is the best time to eat?

After you’ve reached the course, you may need to amend your nutrition plan to accommodate the terrain. If you’re trying to climb on a slope or a section of headwind the demand for oxygenated blood flow are intense and demanding, and your circulation of blood will likely be concentrated in your legs. There shouldn’t be an additional strain on your digestive system which will cause blood to be diverted away from your legs. Make sure you drink gels before climbing or heading winds, as they are easier to absorb along with drinks that contain carbohydrates. Drink your protein shakes after an climb, or at the top once fully recovered. You’ll get tired if you have semi-digested food inside your stomach. Have you ever been stuffed to the brim at the end an entire meal but be able to enjoy a dessert? To perform effectively it is best not to rely on solids throughout the course of the race. It is mentally difficult to keep your energy levels up with the same foods so make sure you have a variety of foods and keep your taste buds stimulated. When tired your body will need different food items, sometimes salty (electrolyte) and sometimes sweet. this is your body’s way of telling you what it needs right now.

Writing about the topic of weight loss is a passion and exposing my readers to new discoveries is my most favorite way to feed my passion. My recent discovery of “Fitness & Spice” is a cherished one. Their slogan? “Where fitness, food and fashion get a healthy shake.” The website is cute and smart and I think that you will discover their blog and website just as informational and entertaining.

Just take a look at the chief mover and Shaker, Joanna Sutter, and you’ll realize that this is not for the obese. We shouldn’t say that as the information provided throughout these daily posts can be equally beneficial to those who need to lose weight fast as it is for the typical Jo(anna)’s out on the streets.

This is how Joanna Sutter describes herself on the site: “I’m just your average Jo(anna) with a passion for all things fitness and nutrition. Fitness & Spice is my blog where I talk endlessly about my favorite things…all with a healthy dose of sarcasm. I hope you’ll find Fitness & Spice an inviting place to discover and discuss the little things that make life in the kitchen, the gym, and the roller-coaster of life a little more entertaining.”

Joanna had previously worked for fifteen years in the field of technology marketing for the largest corporation. She is now bringing her talents and charisma to the web and her fans have clearly been awed by her. As a result, she’s fallen in love with social media and has made connections with people and businesses across the world.

Everyday, Fitness & Spice reaches women who are healthy and their blog’s content is also available on a personal training website called “Fast Track To Fat Loss” that is read by over 20000 members.

If you take a glance at her latest blog posts will reveal numerous useful details and interesting side takes like:

A Major Scrub…her own personal experience that she had recently as she ridded herself of the dry winter skin we all suffer from as the cold winter months begin to wind down ….and she discovered one that is made with the Captain Morgan Spirited Rum.

10 Ways to Go Lean and The 10 Ways to be Green …..which is, as you can probably guess has many cute and helpful ways to you do your part to help Mother Nature – all while doing your exercise and fitness while doing it.

Awakening for Some New Shoes ……a neat piece that helps you establish good routines to add to your Spring Forward / Fall Back adjustment of the clock.

BetterU is Very Rewarding ……where she outlines her experiences using this American Heart Association program.

And, you’ll find inspiring and touching stories on her site about women who are fighting heart disease. did you consider that more women die of heart disease than the next five causes of death, including all forms of cancer? I certainly didn’t.

This isn’t a website packed with ads and affiliates. It’s a more basic site that has pretty simple, regular posts that inspire you to remain enthusiastic about your own commitment to fitness, fun and fashion. Training hard every day and being the slave of your perfect body image doesn’t have to be a cause for miserable and dark. And while it is not easy to find photos of Joanna on the site (although there are many other photos and pleasing imagery), I happened to come across one recently and can confirm that she truly knows fitness and good living.

Every single post I looked at had more than a dozen people commenting, so it’s clear that she’s gathered an impressive and enthusiastic following. In just an hour or so it is clear why.

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