How to Choose a New Pair of Muay Thai Gloves

As of the time that Muay Thai became a sport and all boxers are required to put on Muay Thai gloves to fight Muay Thai. The primary reason is gloves can help reduce the force of impact in order to protect your wrist and fists as well as protect your opponent from a really bad injury.




Does Muay Thai gloves different from other gloves used in sports?

Yes, to fight Muay Thai, you require the most flexible of gloves compared to regular boxing gloves, as it will permit you to extend the hands of your opponent and perform close contact techniques , like knee strikes. There isn’t any other major difference between Muay Thai gloves as opposed to normal boxing gloves. This means you are still able to use regular boxing gloves for Muay Thai. However, it is still recommended to make use of Muay Thai gloves to fight Muay Thai.


Like normal boxing gloves, the type and style Thai Boxing gloves depend on the kind of boxing exercise you are doing. Different gloves are employed to hit the heavy bag for punching or kicking, to hit target mitts or to hit a speed punching ball or to fight a real opponent. It is possible to classify the various kinds of glove types into three main categories, which include combat gloves bags, training gloves and gloves.

Boxing gloves can be various in weight, size and color. The style of gloves is only strictly adhered to in professional boxing which color typically blue or red which represent their corner and aid judges in scoring the competition.

In addition Professional Muay Thai boxers typically wear lace-up gloves, which make them more comfortable and comfortable. However, these type of gloves can be difficult in putting on, without assistance from your trainer. Another kind of glove is those with Velcro (hook and loop) type , which is easier and more popular to wear during training.

What is the best choice?

It is recommended to seek the advice of your instructor on purchasing gloves that are suitable for you. The most expensive gloves might not be ideal, while the least expensive ones can break quickly. Your instructor will guide you to your perfect-matched gloves that get along with your training program.

You must think about what kind of work you’ll be doing. Incorrect use of gloves can result in a lower lifespan and could result in unnecessary and unavoidable injuries.

* To be able to compete with your opponent in Muay Thai you will need a light pair of gloves to strike quickly and the gloves should have enough flexibility to let you grab your opponent with your hands and make a combo move. This is the reason why you should make use of a pair of Fighting gloves.
* To prepare for a match or sparring, you’ll need a heavier glove that will be a little stronger and more soft padding for safety. This is when training gloves will more suitable.
* To strike heavy bags and focus mitts. You’ll require an appropriate pair of boxing gloves that have a thick padding on the front. They are referred to as Bag gloves. There are also lighter Bag gloves specifically designed for training with speed bags to improve agility of your fist.

One other thing to reminds you is that you have to allow some space for your handwraps when you buy your gloves. Otherwise, your gloves might be uncomfortable and too tight and could limit the force of your punches.

Weight & Size

In the majority of cases, glove size will be correlated to the weight of the gloves However, this isn’t always true.

Choosing a boxing gloves SIZE is simple. The most frequently used sizes are medium, small and large. Choose the size that best fit on your hand.

Choosing the WEIGHT is more difficult. You must pick the weight of your gloves based on the task you are using it for.

The most commonly used weights used for gloves and their use are:

* 8 oz. – for competitive boxers
* 10 oz. This is for boxers who compete.
* 12 oz. for women and smaller weight classes to train
* 14 oz. * 14 oz. to train
* 16 oz. to be used for classes with average weights to train
* 18 oz. – for larger weight classes for training

However the combination of weight and size are not widely available. You can see a few of them in the market, such as Small 12 oz. Medium – 14 oz. and Large 16 oz. Many famous brand also reduce their production by making variations of gloves according to weight and let their size remain “free size”. If you cannot find your best fit gloves you might need to purchase a custom-made.


Boxing gloves are generally made from foam padding, and are then are covered in genuine leather or vinyl (synthetic genuine leather). Every manufacturer has their particular padding method, which can absorb force differently than others and wearing comfort is another factor to consider.

If we are talking about the durability of leather gloves, they tend to be better both in price and durability, in comparison to synthetic gloves. Find out the price difference between these two types. If the cost of leather gloves seems unreasonably high You can change to vinyl gloves because they are no big deal in term of quality nowadays.


After each use there will be an accumulation of sweat in your gloves. This is a nice place to grow fungus and produce bacteria, which can cause unpleasant smell.

The most effective way to keep their gloves clean is by drying thoroughly after every use. After that, you can spray the gloves with a deodorant spray to get rid of the fungus and extend the life of your gloves.

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