What’s Holding You Back From Growing?

What is the best time to finally engage in a CONSULTANT, COSMETIC PRATIENT-MARKETING, Specialist? Do you think it is particularly important in the event that you’ve already had a go at all other methods previously?

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It’s an excellent idea to locate the best consultant for you when you’re thinking of hiring one.

You’re probably more likely to win than you believe.

Check out this…

The tough part is completed.

You pour your sweat, heart and tears into your training and creating your practice.

You already put effort time, money and effort into improving your business.

While you might not be conscious of it, you’re one of the few people in the world of people who have the ability to perform exactly what you’ve done.

You may think that you’ve tried everything, but you’re in fact at the 85-yard line.

Everyone agrees that having a great coach is essential for your success.

You’ve already heard…

It is extremely valuable to know the practices that have proven to be more efficient than their rivals.

A fresh perspective will help you identify the gaps in your practice that you don’t see. The benefits of having an outline of your route will aid you in navigating the confusing world of practice building
This will save you money, time, and hours of frustration due to costly errors.

However, there is an issue…

There are numerous…

A good consultant can be expensive, yet they are generally thought to be worth the cost.

The issue isn’t always in the cost.

The question is how do you know that the expert can assist you?

What can you do to determine whether it is a good idea to engage an expert?

What are you able to do to determine whether a professional has a history of helping other practices?

First, let’s determine whether hiring a consultant makes sense.

Is it the right time for you to engage a consultant


It’s not the goal to achieve success. Make sure you are specific.

It is crucial to be aware of what you’re looking for.

Are you someone who would like to draw more patients for cosmetic surgery. Do you know anyone who would like to draw many more patients to cosmetic surgery?
Are you seeking more conversion rates? Do you wish to see better conversions If yes, what is the amount and when?
Are you in search of more reliable online reviews?
Are you in search of more referrals from word of mouth?
Are you in search of more experts to represent your company? Do you need more experienced staff? If yes what positions do you want them to fill and in what numbers would have the greatest impact on the bottom line of your business.

Step 2. IDENTIFY the things that don’t work and stop doing it.

It’s absurd to believe that one thing can be able to work for all people.

Every aesthetic practice is distinctive.

They have different ideas. They have different needs.

It is crucial to locate the right expert who can create a customized program for you. Think about it this way…

We plan, we’re driven, we act before we take a break.

You’ve tried every trick on the internet to get a ninja-like shiny object that you can discover, but you haven’t yet seen the results you want. Yes, you are right.

This is likely not the correct answer, or even the correct answer.

Are you fed up of being pushed into massive advertisements by salespeople who say this will make you an instant star?

This isn’t the correct solution.

It doesn’t mean that you should avoid the Internet or salespeople aren’t good. It’s just that they aren’t right for you.

They’re useful However, they’re not enough. There’s something that’s missing.

They won’t take you to the 100-yard line, because otherwise you’d be there by now.

STEP 3: AWARE You can’t do this on your own.

It can be lonely to be an individual cosmetic surgeon.

As if you’re the sole person concerned about the health of the practice

You know the stress of running the business of cosmetic surgery in the present day unlike anyone other.

You don’t need to be the sole one.

Everyone is expected to collaborate and work together in order to resolve problems.

The most significant breakthroughs in the history of mankind have been achieved by a single person.

Einstein was not the only one. His wife, who was a mathematician, and a wonderful friend, was also there to help.

It is not advisable to employ a professional if you think you can handle everything by yourself.

If you’re seeking a partner who is knowledgeable and has the solutions to your questions, this is the best spot for you.

Here’s what I can do to help you:

First of all, I’m different from other consultants in our field.

I don’t include any filler or fluff.

I don’t include untested theories or strategies. I only list the strategies that I have used for clients.

They are simple to make use of.

It’s easy to master these tools. They have been taught to me for the past 17 years via my webinars and medical conferences, as well as courses, and even speaking engagements.

Implementing the material isn’t always easy. There are likely to be some challenges when you put these ideas into exercise.

I’m sure I’ll be able to help you. In most cases it’s an issue of tweaking your strategy to achieve the results you desire.

These tools and procedures have assisted me and hundreds of others in helping to attract more patients, increase the number of consultations and create a successful aesthetic practice that is based on sound business principles.

It’s more than simply consulting.

It’s a way to be at peace all day long, constantly.

It’s not about getting better for a short time.

It’s about feeling happy each day.

While this easy, efficient method doesn’t eliminate negative emotions out of your life, you won’t wish to do it if you strive to improve. This method will show you how to manage your emotions handled in a manner that doesn’t cause it to get worse. This is the best course for you if have already mastered the principles of “How to Build a Cosmetic Practice” and have read books on the subject.

This isn’t the right place for the arrogant or entitled surgeons who are aware of everything.

This is intended for surgeons…

They’ve got a lot of tasks to complete, but they could operate an efficient and profitable business.
They require a plan that is clear , so they can be confident that the staff and systems are working to benefit the overall good of the practice, and not to achieve their own personal goals.
Be aware of the areas in which they’re not practicing effectively.
This is the spot for you if this is something that sounds familiar.

Maybe you’re here because one of my surgeons, 10,347, follows me on my blog, online training and YouTube channel.

I have over 20 years of experience working with cosmetic surgeons who pay cash for practices. This lets me help patients make the most of their assets, and create an enduring future.

Two things will HAPPEN If you work with my partners:

The first step is to become conscious of the way you conduct yourself. You will realize the power and control you hold over each encounter you experience.

It is important since if you feel like your day appears to be slipping by The feeling of insecurity that you experience will prevent you from making the needed adjustments and distinctions.

Then, you’ll be confident knowing that you’ve got an action plan to get you where you’d like to be that is profitable, successful, and confident.

In case you’re wondering…

There’s nothing to lose!

What you will receive:

We are the ones to create the scene:
Your goals and vision for benchmarking
Utilize your existing assets to help you create.
How do you frame you as the best choice through strategies for building images

The Infrastructure
How do phones are handled
Software that tracks and reports your results
Processes and protocols

The People
The right people in the appropriate locations
Professionally representing your company with the best people
– people who convert calls into consultations and make
Motivation and incentives for employees
– Manage-by-metric system

The Processes
– Handling leads
Follow-up after the consultation
Review protocol, before and after images, and for recommendations

Your website and Internet presence
– Year-round marketing plan
– Social media plan
– Develop a plan for internal marketing
– Develop a plan for Marketing Externally

What is your investment type?

My charges are designed to give you the most value for money to help you find and fill in the gaps within your practice.

I’m not here to squander my or your time.

The maps will be provided as well as full assistance for 60 days to make sure that the strategies are successfully implemented. This will allow you to get better results and conduct more efficiently in your practice.

MY Fees are as suggested:

On-Site Assessment & Consulting: $5K down + $5K within 30 days and $5K in 60 days

Optional Live Full Day Assessment = $3500Why do we need 60 days? Many consultants will advise you on what you should do, and then they vanish. It’s not like you have the time or resources to implement the processes necessary to change the world.

I’ll be there to assist you in your success. I’ll show you how to make them occur.

Your staff and you can use my fee for hard-copy deliverables and other documents in the future.

Let’s take a moment to find out what other surgeons thought of working alongside me.

Instead of spending time on phone calls, contact me via text to arrange an appointment to talk.

I am looking forward to working together with you to improve things to ensure you have an educated staff and a plan for patients that works. This will enable you to operate an efficient and profitable cosmetic practice.

What do OTHER SuRGEONS have to say about working with me…

Solo plastic surgery practice that is established and profitable in a highly competitive field.

Catherine’s work truly opened my eyes. I had an incredible epiphany. My practice has been seen as a businessman, instead of a surgeon working to accomplish everything. While I’m able to run a profitable practice, I faced a lot of issues with staff, inefficiencies and ineffective drama. Catherine helped me manage my staff and establish procedures that allowed them to handle a greater portion of the workload. This enabled me to devote more time taking care of patients. We implemented changes and trained our staff to make more calls and consultations. This will boost my income by 15%, and also reduce time, money and costly errors. It’s been a profitable and transformational investment that I would suggest to anyone seeking to enhance their skills.

Evan Sorokin, MD

An extremely well-established and highly competitive practice of multi-surgeons in plastic surgery.

Catherine was an excellent choice for Catherine was a great choice for. We are a highly profitable cosmetic practice and are willing to learn new methods to improve our practice’s staff structures, processes, and structure. We selected Catherine due to her many years of expertise with “best practice” research across the world. This makes her an ideal choice for us to help us re-imagine our practice.

Catherine assisted us in establishing an entirely new structure that allows our staff and surgeons to work better together. Catherine laid out a strategy with important metrics, provided us with an outline of the coming year, and also trained our staff to increase their conversion rates by at least 10 percent.

We instantly felt renewed optimism and excitement for our future expansion.

Catherine is a wonderful partner, and I am pleased to announce that our revenue has increased by 15 percent in the last three months, and 22 percent in the last month!

Catherine’s services as a consultant is highly recommended to any business looking for “best practices” enhancements to their practices. Catherine’s experience over many years allows her to view the practice from a different angle and identify the issues and recommend concrete steps to make it better.

Robert Sigal MD, President Austin-Weston – Reston VA

A practice in Facial Plastic Surgery and Dermatology is looking to expand the cosmetic surgery aspect of their operation:

“Our relationship with Catherine has been great. The recent review she conducted of our practice as well as her suggestions have been extremely helpful. Her expertise has allowed her to assess accurately the present condition of our practice as well as to pinpoint areas of improvement. The interactions she had with our staff was incredible. She has brilliant ideas on how to promote our practice, and suggestions we can quickly implement. Without doubt, we’d recommend her services.”

Jerold J. Olson, MD – AZ

An ENT Surgeon opens an MedSpa within His Practice

“We established a cosmetic clinic in the ENT clinic. I needed help finding out how to build an effective cosmetic practice today rather than many years after. There were a myriad of possibilities that I felt I was being pulled in a variety of directions. I realized that I needed someone with expertise working with practices as ones as ours. They could provide me with an outline to guide me through the maze, and to help me save time and money.

Catherine was the reason I picked her. Catherine spoke at an event for medical professionals she was informative and entertaining and is committed to helping surgeons grow their practice in cosmetic surgery. I read her book, which affirmed my trust in her.

Catherine was my “aesthetic coach” she helped me stay on track and stopped me from spending money on certain procedures and technologies. Catherine helped me focus on investing in only items that would increase my bottom line, which means I got a lot more value for my money than I could have by myself. Catherine was a huge help and I am grateful for her sharing her expertise. While I initially was hesitant to accept her advice, I quickly realized the value we gained from her experience. We saved lots of time and money that could have been used elsewhere. Catherine’s coaching and consulting services are highly recommended if need it correctly the first time.

David Hartman, MD – VA

Solo-Surgeon, Highly Effective Plastic Surgery Practice

“Catherine. Sorry about the long delay in replying. Things have evolved a lot since our last meeting. While last year’s meeting was a huge successful event, we also discussed some other ideas we’d made. But, I was of the opinion that the outcomes weren’t as we had hoped for. We discussed different strategies to tailor the message to the correct target audience and using the appropriate medium.

I’ve not been able to get time to follow up on the strategies we discussed in our last meeting. I felt it was necessary to reach out and follow up with you, even though I’d complained about the lack of outcomes from the strategies we discussed during our last phone conversation.

The profits from cosmetic surgery have risen 96% during the first quarter of the year (last year was less than normal) and 44% when compared to our previous highest first quarter!

The growth in revenue was achieved through the addition of a few patients than in the previous quarter before. This means we saw fewer patients and produced more revenue, and less work. This is due to a variety of factors. Your approach of going “deep” in our marketing activities within the local community. Utilizing the same ad, but with better before and after photos for a facelift patient , across several print pieces as well as direct mail pieces as time goes by the practice’s age in the region will continue to increase and the local economy.

The most reliable advice, that has proven to be reliable and effective is the general principles of marketing and the guidance regarding the place of our business.

We are grateful for your suggestions and practical suggestions. We’re still waiting to see how your suggestions will be utilized and implemented. I’m looking forward to seeing the final outcomes!

It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and I believe that the value you bring to the market is unparalleled in the field of consulting.

The vast array of consulting and products is accessible to all practices at any time. We are looking forward to using your expertise as our business expands!”

Leo Lapuerta, MD – Houston, TX

A brand new plastic surgeon has stepped into the market in a highly competitive field:

“Catherine gave excellent instruction for my staff members on how to turn calls into appointments as well as follow-up procedures. She taught my employees how crucial they were to the growth of my practice and provided them with great advice about how to promote and promote my practice and me in the local community. If you’re seeking to save money, time and hassle trying to figure it out on your own I would recommend Catherine. It’s worth the effort to collaborate with her.

Vishal Kapoor, MD, Beverly Hills, CA

Solo-surgeon with a long-standing and proven track record in the competitive area of plastic surgery.

“Catherine’s consulting services are worth more than the amount I spent working with her. Her advice changed my perspective regarding how I can manage my successful business and helped make it more profitable and efficient.

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