Singapore – A Paradise For All Shoppers

It is a well-known actuality that Singapore is the most-preferred tourist destination in Asia. Besides exotic locales and scrumptious cuisine, shopping is just another charm that attracts a huge number of tourists annually to this particular lion city of Singapore. With approximately 250 shopping malls including those offering duty-free shopping, Singapore can metaphorically be defined as the heaven of shopping.

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Not all of the shopping junctions of Singapore could be accumulated in one place. This article presents just a few essential areas where you must visit once.Shopping Belt about Orchard Road-Marina BayAssessing 5km in length, this is the most well-known shopping destination of Singapore that includes of several malls and centers specializing in different things. Even though a bit aged, Far East Shoping Plaza is good location for high-street bargaining on most-modern clothing, music and gems CDs. It is possible to even receive any part of your body tattooed (if interested) or simply showcase a bohemian necklace. To satisfy your high tech cravings, visit Sim Lim Square, called the Electronic Mecca. Here you find 6 levels of computer-related shops that offer the best deals in Singapore. Before you make final purchase, opt for the lowest costs and simply don’t bothered about getting a customers support. If you’re thinking about buying for ethnic stuff then visit markets in Chinatown, Little India or even Kampong Glam. Though there are a number of shops at Chinatown, believed to be tacky but still you will truly get some nice souvenirs for your family and friends. If you are running short of time, then you should stop by this market to find things of your choice on affordable rates. Thieves Economy Located at Sungei Road, Thieves Industry is a place that was formerly famous for second-hand or stolen novelty items and handicrafts. The market is still one of the most visited places in Singapore. What you find here are makeshift stalls surrounded by local folks bargaining over cost. If you’re bored of the glitzy Singaporean malls and high-profile niches, then go towards Thieves Market at Sungei Road and who knows you may get something distinctive and special. Enjoy shopping at Grand Annual saleIf you’re a shop-alcoholic, then visit Singapore through the mid-year once the city organizes the Great Singapore Sale. In this sale period, all significant shopping centers mark down their prices for a fixed time period. Don’t forget to go there in the start and you will find the ideal shopping bargain. Even the small shops at street markets promote distinct enticing tourist wares like painted fans, Chinese seals. With so much choices in purchasing and duty-free shopping at some shops, who wouldn’t get charmed to Singapore! Before you come to this beautiful Asian tourist destination, book a good Singapore resort to enjoy your stay in this gorgeous city. Reading some Singapore hotel reviews will prove to be a good assistance to find the best accommodation here.

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