Revive Your Old Blog Posts to Keep Quality Content in the Spotlight

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After you have presented on a blog many occasions your presents tend on become covered in the files. The landing page of your blog may feature different posts, however they are normally later ones.

Making a page that features an assortment of more established posts can help your guests see posts that may have in any case been covered. This page would be explicitly for featuring posts that exist in the files.

3 Benefits:

~ It will help your site in the web indexes. The web crawlers check approaching connections toward your positioning, however inward connections are additionally tallied.

~ Helps your blog’s tenacity. In the event that a surfer sees 10-15 of your incredible posts as opposed to the latest one they are probably going to see you have a ton of beneficial comments. They will be bound to bookmark your site and return to peruse consistently.

~ It protracts the existence of your posts. You spent quite a while composing your blog entries so why permit them to get covered following up to 14 days.

There are a few unique ways you can make this kind of page. I will go more than three of them. On the off chance that you have an alternate method of doing it, let us know!


This page will contain connections to file posts that spin around a solitary topic. You can have one or a few of these. Add a couple of pictures to make the page seriously intriguing. Add connects to your Themed pages from your sidebar.

Time Related

A period related page would feature posts from a predetermined timeframe. For instance, ‘Best of 2008’. Incorporate 10-15 posts from 2008. Wash. Rehash for every year your blog has been dynamic.

A basic method to do this could be a blog entry that basically connects 10 posts from 2008. You don’t need to go external your writing for a blog stage and use html to do this! It’s that simple.


This should be possible by tracking down a solitary subject and including every one of the posts from a specific timeframe. Make certain to have joins on each post to the following post in the arrangement. This will help the surfer all the more effectively explore the arrangement and improve the probability they will wrap up perusing every one of the posts.

This might be powerful in the event that you ensure the surfer can discover it. This should handily be possible by putting a connect to it/them in your route menu or other exceptionally obvious area on your blog. The more individuals that see it the more that visit your documents.

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